Midterm – Jack O PcomP

With Lu…

The process:

We’ve gone “divide & conquer” on this project. Lu was in-charge of the sound, and she did an amazing job with p5.sound. I was in-charge of the lighting. The vibration sensors are hard to work with, very fluctuating and delicate. After some time with them we figured out how to manage them, and got to a satisfactory state. The main game is to play around with the thresholds, and to make sure they are firmly stuck to the interior.

We could’ve done a better job in:

  • Making the interior look more clean from wires and such.
  • Working with batteries and Bluetooth, so everything would fit inside and wont be so delicate.

I didn’t like the concept at first. I like concepts that are more radical and fantastic, and I felt the idea wasn’t very exciting. But…This was a good lesson. I have learned to listen and walk towards my partner. During the work with the circuits I improved my skills and my code. Most important, I saw that carving a pumpkin is pretty easy and fun.

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