Data + Media assignment


The sketch:

Enkoodabaoo – One who lives alone 

The concept ;

Create a dream-catcher inspired animation, that its number of chords, or wires is according to the number of tribes in the stated state. I wanted to create a sensation of ancient ritual or dance. The petals of the “flower” sometimes reminds me of white feathers.

I basically made the first version of the sketch for last week’s data assignment. For this assignment I altered the animation a bit, and added the sounds.

The Data:

I started looking for environment data on the EPA website . I wanted to present data of TRI (toxic release inventory) of different chemicals that are being dumped to the ocean… Then I stumbled into a data site of information about Native American tribes. I filtered the table to names of tribes and the states they’re located. The file was CSV, so I managed to convert it into a JSON file on a website –


It worked, and I got a JSON file with two fields – tribe name and state.


The process :

Pre-loading the file was taking a long time, so I went to Leon The Resident and he showed me how to load it like this.

Then I just tried to count the tribes in the stated state:


Coming up with the animation was  a matter of try and error. I can honestly say that I just made the basic bezier animation and the played around with the parameters and colors until I reached an pattern I was happy with.

At first, I wanted to put a video in the background of Pow Wow dancing :

I wanted to use the alpha and tint functions to make the lines expose the video as they move. It didn’t work.

I added the sound (“Shaman’s Trance by Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman), and at first I tried to use amplitude to make the red beats. I used a threshold of volume in order to make the movement and the colors rhythmic. I didn’t work so well…

So, I looked-up “p5 beat detection”  and got the effect I was looking for.

Terrible code.


Another interesting sound visuals:

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