Coasters of the round table

The concept:

Last assignment I came up with the concept pretty fast. This time it was a little hard for me to come up with something. I thought I should try to think of the components and the idea will turn-up. I wanted to do something that has a circular attitude, so I started making wooden rings:

After I played around with the first rings and their fillings, I came up with an idea to make coasters out of them. We don’t have coasters at home, so “win-win”. I also wanted to make a nice stand for the coasters. These guys need to be in one place otherwise they’re allover the living room.I found some scrap-wood pieces and screwed them together. Had some help from Ben Light on figuring how to drill and drive into the pole, without chipping it.

Then I needed to sand all the pieces, so I clamped them together and tried to collectively sand the whole bunch.

After that it was only a matter of gluing the pieces together.

There you go…




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