Stop Motion Assignment

With – Chengtao and Camille…

The concept to make a character made out of clay was inspired by this guy :

Since Chengtao had clay, we decided to go for it.

After creating a short storyboard, we went shooting in the VR room:

After last week’s class, we encountered a lot of the principals we talked about in class. Arcs, slow in slow out, anticipation etc.


Two major mistakes we made:

  1. We tried to use a DC adaptor for the camera and somehow it didn’t work, so we just gave up and shot on battery. Luckily it was ok in the end.
  2. We used LED lighting, and here we didn’t even consider using a DC adaptor. So, you can see the light starting to fade near the end, and then it just went dead. There was no way to recreate the light we had. We managed to overcome this scandal with some post production, and eventually it was ok. A terrible terrible lesson.

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