At first, I tried to approach this assignment from the point of composing. Trying to come up with a piece and reconstruct it with drawing. Then I was trying the other way – taking an existing natural pattern and try to create a score from it. For example  – I wanted to use the curves and lines of famous rivers across the globe like the Nile, or the Mississippi, and use them as low and high, wide and narrow, etc.

Then I remembered the pendulum music score, and I got excited on writing as a score.

I decided to write a short scene that “my orchestra” will turn into a musical piece. I imagine it as wide spectrum of sounds and ambience, both physical and “spiritual”. I would really like to hear if “they” will be able to make this piece rhythmic some how.

I feel that this is not exactly what this assignment was aiming for but I really liked writing the piece, and visualizing the audio landscape.

Here it is :

“On Call” – a score

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