Linear perspective

For this Assignment we were asked to try and hand-draw a linear perspective picture. In class, we talked about the vanishing point and the important implications it brought to the art world.

After watching the videos I got right to business, simply drawing shapes on a paper:

I was drawing triangles since my ruler is triangular, and during the meditative work I decided what I wanted to draw.

I’m a Star Wars fan, and I wanted to make a tribute to the opening scene of the saga. No, not the yellow intro that explains that the rebels obtained the death-star’s blueprints, although it’s also a nice example of linear perspective through writing (less interesting though).

I wanted to try and draw this not only because I’m a fan, and this is an iconic frame. I wanted to do this because it challenges the horizon element in linear perspective. There’s no horizon, It’s frickin’ SPACE .

I started to make one Star-Destroyer using one vanishing point (and one horizon) :

Then, I did another Destroyer, using another horizon.

Well, It looks weird of course – it’s a 2D image and there is one camera, i.e one perspective. Even so, I like the fact that since we are in space, there’s no horizon and our linear perspective is challenged.

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