Future of storytelling

I’m taking a class at Cinema studies here at Tisch, that is called “Hollywood, 1960-present”. I took this class since I wanted to understand more about the most influential media in modern society (still).

Hollywood, or American Cinema (in the academic term),  is responsible for a variety of perspectives we have on the world. It subdues our imagination and our prejudice to it’s own whims. Pop-culture is no longer just fun escapism, it has become our reality and our vessel to change minds.

New Format :

I liked the idea we mentioned in class about simply exploring a universe. If there is any human impulse, that is stronger than fear and jealousy (sorry for the pessimism), it would be curiosity. I believe that exploration is a primeval feature that human nature has perfected over the years. I envy the 16th-18th explorers and vagabonds that uncovered the secrets of our planet. Nowadays, there is practically no more mysteries and ancient lost worlds to explore. We don’t have a shooting range for our adventure guns. So, I want to believe that the next format of cinema or storytelling will involve a large scale open-world where we can, as audience, wonder and create our own stories by exploring the environment. It seems that VR is the best way approach this format, but I would imagine also smell synthesisers, haptic-suits and a giant 360 treadmill where you can walk and run in all directions.

I also think that there would be a break from linear-storylines.
I would like to go to see a movie and later talk about it with my friends, and realize that they had a whole different experience. Let’s say that the hero died in the version they saw. Or the antagonist was later the protagonist. I think I would like to explore the chaos-theory you can put in a story. And instead of chaos – I’ll call it reality.

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