MoMa Critique

“The city rises” – Umberto Boccioni :

I chose this painting because it holds some interesting elements that relate to what we talked in class. On the first 2 seconds you look at the painting, it reflects a blurry mixture of strokes and colors. Then, you can almost hear your brain kick-in and starts to complete patterns and figures – Horses, people, buildings etc. One of the “islands” of perception in the painting is the “2-vanishing-points” (!) building in the back right. There is also a sense of “arciness” to the figures which gives the image an interesting bend as if the explosion of movement in the scene is wrinkling time and light. This painting uses the right amount of visual information to leave you in a limbo of perception and abstraction.

“Colorhythem, 1” – Alejandro Otero :

This piece really baffled me. It might be hard to see in the picture but the vertical black stripes have a strong presence.
The stripes are simply painted black, but with a texture that gives them volume. The length, or height of the piece makes it hard to see the borders of the piece when you stand close enough. The illusion creates a feeling of depth as if the stripes are trenches in the canvas, and as you move around you feel like the stripes are changing the “topography” of the whole piece. It feels like that the basic shapes in the background are simply given a “Z-axis”.
I feel that It’s a very important example of how to make an illusion of depth and 3D using really simple elements.

“Fiery Sunset” – Alma Woodsey Thomas :

“Ganzfeld effect”. Well, not exactly. As I was passing by this piece I decided to stop, stand about 3 ft away (so that all my front field of view is the painting) and stare. After something like 30 seconds things started moving and colors started changing. The dark, Navi-blue started to be more on the lighter side of blue, I guess it’s the juxtaposition to the bright orange. I started to have the sense of movement on the canvas, especially outside of my focal point. And when I went back a little I noticed three vertical lines on the canvas that makes no sense when you focus on them. But somehow my brain was connecting the dots and making a line. The piece has a time dimension, the more you look, the more it morphs.

“Untitled” – Gego :

I felt that this piece is also an example of creating a 3D illusion. It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but the pencil (I think it’s pencil) triangles reminded me of mesh material of a 3D object. Through the changes in size, density and angle the triangles are giving the painting a sense of topography or even a wavelike surface. Then I noticed that the color layer was also doing the same effect, but this one was more amorphic. I liked this piece because when I jumped from the color layer to the pencil layer It felt like moving between environments or even realities.

“Untitled” – Marcos Grigorian :

It’s a little hard for me to explain why I chose this piece.
The texture and the familiarity with the attributes of mud, gave me almost the feeling as if I’m touching it.
I think that I sort of got the vibe of the dark side of “nothing”. Like a weird visualization of a scorched abyss.
Yesss!!! I know! It reminded me of the “Nothing” in “Never ending Story”. Spreading it’s drought and decay. Cracking the fabric of reality and what not.

Nailed it 🙂

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