Final & Syphon

Collaborator – Isa…

The concept:

Texting, google searching, buying the new iPhone, uploading to “the cloud”, watching the new episode of “Black Mirror”.
We live in a world where we think that using all this technology doesn’t have any environmental consequences – An enormous illusion.

We want to represent the notion of detachment and indifference, as if we are not living on the planet, but orbiting it at 70 Km.

We want to create a visual illusion of orbiting a planet (could be earth), and have the perspective of standing inside the orbiting space-vessel. We want to project the scene on screens that would look like “flight-deck windows”.  We plan to animate the scene so that the planet will deteriorate in time, using APIs from different environmental sites.

Obviously we are turning this to an environmental debate, and we decided on a few topics we want to address:

  • CO2 emissions from tech-companies
  • Chemicals emission to the oceans
  • Electronic waste:


Syphon :

We plan to use Syphon to serve a THREE.js scene and project it on the “flight-deck windows”. We have another thought to project on the other side of the “windows” a live footage that relates to the issue.

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