Week 2 – Panorama

For this assignment I decided I want to create my scene in some interesting place I visited.

Since I enjoy mystery and otherworldly narratives, I liked the idea of putting this kind of narrative in an actual place around the globe.

For that I decided to use the Google street view code and conjure a scene from an island in the Philippines called Siquijor.

This particular island holds legends that a lot of Voodoo rituals happened there. That’s why it is also called the “Witches Island”. During my visit there I biked around the island and saw some really magical places. In this street-view scene I went back to one of the tiny roads inside the island that gives a kind of serene but also chilling feel (once you here the legends). Like someone is watching you or that there is a ritual being held deep in the woods around you. For example,I imagined that there is something under the roots of the tree at the side of the road. Like a rotten witch’s house…

a quick screen recording of the scene:

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