Assignment #3 – The Voyager

The Voyager program – a weird, ambitious initiative to portray human kind to whoever’s out there. A few weeks ago, I saw a video about the records and the data that is stored on board this 70’s groovy vessel. This satellite-looking time capsule is a wonderful discourse about what do we have to show for, and how do we choose to present our lovely planet.

I’m working on different project for “Nothing – creating illusions” that involves an outer-space landscape and an orbiting object. So, I decided to incorporate the story of the voyager (perhaps the greatest storytelling project of all time) in the environment I’m already creating.

The storyline:

Human kind is looking up to the night sky, wondering where is our message-in-a-bottle now? who rolled  down the window and grabbed it like a Happy-Meal in a drive-through. Who is now listening to a Navajo Indians Night Chant ?
Meanwhile, our savior is orbiting a dismal planet in a hellish dimension, somewhere in the multiverse. Orbiting and Orbiting, a sickening planet in a sickening fashion.

The process:

In a three.js environment, I created the planet using a surface image of Mars which I found in NASA’s 3d models website ( Then I used a nice, otherworldly panorama image to create the sky-dome. I played around with the lighting and the planets rotation.

The process of bringing the Voyager in was tricky.
First, I found the 3D model in the same website, and after a lot of searching and investigating, I knew I need to convert the model to a JSON file in order to load it at Three.js (for that I had to use “Blender”) After some struggle with Blender, I managed to export the JSON file and load the model to the scene. After that it was a matter of animating the position and rotation.

Here it is:

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