Final – Isa and Ayal

The Discourse:

  • Tackling the commodification of environmental activism and its engagement online.
  • Confronting viewers with their lack of awareness of their
  • Representation of the detachment that Western society has to their surroundings. (“the digital divide”)

Our first approach is to create a sort of fictional narrative in which the surviving entity of an uninhabitable world continues to inform empty social platforms of the environmental disasters, problematics and statistics of that very world.

The installation:

As the main visual piece, we plan to hang 3 separate, window-like panels in the middle of a room and project on them a wide 3D scene (hopefully in Three.js) of a planet that is obviously (or not) dead or deteriorating:

Our original thought was to use the other side of the panels, to project and represent the narrative of this physical/virtual being that’s continuing to post and protest on matters that don’t matter anymore (the planet is dead).

This is a mockup of the “other side” :

We presented our idea to “Feedback collective” and mainly realized that we need to find more clarity in the concept and revisit the narrative in order to refine this huge subject. This song has been sung many times, but we feel that the serene, visceral, ominous 3D scene, in contrast with the bleak, sad and apocalyptic narrative, will provide an interesting experience.
We understand that our greatest challenge is to leave enough breadcrumbs, on the narrative side, for the viewer to understand the scene and the story.



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