Interaction – The plot thickens

To continue my Voyager scene, my vision is to create an open-source-Voyager-workshop that every one would be able to make their own story as human beings, and launch it into deep space.

So I decided to use the interaction to simply add more Voyagers to the scene. Thinking on how to interact with the scene, without using the keyboard/mouse, I wanted to create the interaction using sound. In this first version, I added p5 and I’m using it to open, and get the volume from the built-in microphone of the computer. And each time the volume reaches a certain threshold it will create another Voyager.

The task was complicated, and my Javascript abilities are not in the top 10 skills of Ayal Rosenberg. But I have to say that I’m pretty glad I could incorporate p5 and the mic into Three.js (by myself). I still need to debug the positioning of the new voyager and not have two added each time.

This is it :

One small thought I had about the assignment, is that I can’t seem to identify the narrative in all of this. It’s difficult for me to talk about cinema and storytelling, and not mention a narrative or a  storyline. It seems to me that I need to switch off this search for a narrative and a plot to create a story. And like we said in our first class – create a multiverse.


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