Final project update

This week we did a mock-up of the main installation. Isa was smart enough to suggest that we create a prototype just to ignite some more thoughts and visions of how stage the piece.
It proved to be a good move, since we decided on dropping the two-sided screens and create a flight-deck, monitor like station. On the monitors, we plan to project the text and more cockpit visuals, like fuel meter, oxygen levels etc…

This was also a good test run of the projection mapping we plan to do. So, we found out that Syphon is limiting the Three.js scene to a 30 fps rather than 60. That made the animation a bit laggy but not very noticeable.

As part of our decision to divide the work between us
my research involved focusing more on the visual scene.
Both of us agree that we don’t want the space scene to look like NASA footage. So I’m playing around with creating a more surreal scene. For example, doing a  negative version of the universe, i.e a white space and dark objects floating in it.
I hope to be able to create a simple shader in order to make this cyber-punk scene feel powerful and meaningful.

As part of the installation concept, we brought a book about Nam June Paik. I honestly didn’t know him until today and after looking at some of the work, I understood how important his work was. Since we are dealing with screens and projections, a book about the father of video art seemed like a good place to find inspiration.


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