Poetic justifications

I had just finished seeing “Wild Wild Country” with my significant other, and when I read Shawn’s notes, I immediately thought about the documentary series. Are we enlightened enough to understand that personality cult is a folly? So many times in history people fell under the spell of a charlatan, or worse, got convinced that genocide is the answer to their problems. We recognize that the silence of the nations during the holocaust was an awful thing, yet we are not doing much to stop the killing in Syria. We find sexism and gender discrimination wrong, yet pornography is on an exponential rise in violence and innovation.
The “intellectual clarity”, as Shawn calls it in the notes, is a very powerful and perhaps even dangerous state to be in. How can a person know he has reached clarity? Who can judge a person that believes he is compassionate and acts in the name of morality? Is there such a thing as a universal morality? have we evolved since the 1940’s? or are we destined to walk on the rim of a boiling pot, until the last human has left the planet?

In the matter of how me, an (white, male) artist, can have the legitimacy to talk about “other” societies’ problems, I don’t feel the need to apologize. In the 2D universe of people that care, and people that don’t, I wanna stick to the right side.
It might be a dumb, simplistic way to look at the situation, but I feel that human nature is a tangled web of contradictions and hypocrisy. As long as we remember that, we will manage to get through reality without loosing it.

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