The pessimist visionary

I don’t believe in VR.
Or perhaps I don’t want to believe in it.
I honestly feel it will doom mankind.

Today, our visit to virtual, multiverse realities is happening through a “window” – the screens. Call me a dinosaur, but I feel that these windows are the soft membrane that keeps us from crossing the border to the delusional, unreal and detached substitute of human experience.  There is no doubt that VR technology is the next cinema experience. I imagine watching a movie, from inside the scene. I imagine me walking around Luke and Darth-Vader as they clash their light-sabres. I imagine feeling the heat of an explosion, or the wind on top of a mountain. But all of this feels like missing the point of cinema and storytelling. The purpose of myth and stories is not to awe. It is to give our brain a place to work-out, to evolve.
VR is a drug.
It shows our fragile brain/soul/consciousness a false world and takes us down rabbit-holes that are hard to get back from.
I keep having this cyber-punk vision of us sitting in a room all-day, getting fat and lonely, while there’s an energy/social crisis outside. It started with gaming and pornography, then cinema and storytelling, but it will get to relationships, traveling and practicing violence. At the point where we will figure that we can escape from the real, our scientists will stop the fight for environment, and for finding solutions for diseases and clean energy.  VR is a quick way to get out of reality, and when technology will be ripe, we’ll stay there.


Having said all that, it’s hard for me to think of the next step in democratizing media/cinema. I guess that my vision, or perhaps my utopian storytelling vision, is more of an abstract medium.
I want to believe that it’s not the technology that will evolve and provide. It will be our consciousness that will be stimulated to grow branches that have never been there, or maybe used to be there when we were kids and we were certain that there’s lava on the living room floor. I see in my vision a form of multi-sense canvas, that will act as a platform for our brains to do the rest.
Maybe there will be a profound neuroscience research that will discover the point of contact between imagination and senses, And with a simple stimulation of that part of our brain we will enter ourselves and explore our subconscious.

Or maybe that’s also a bad idea… I wish mankind all the best.

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