Assignment # 1 – Choose a piece

A generative piece :

A while ago I saw a talk online by François Pachet and got familiar with Flow Machines 

This project is an AI composing Model that Musicians and Artists explore and create generative pieces from the model.
While writing this, I realized that we listened in class to one of the projects (“Daddy’s Car). I found it through Mossier Pachet, so it still counts

I chose one piece from a concert preformed by Flow Machines Artists :

Now to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here but from what I understand, The model has composed the piece after being trained on “Rubber Soul”, which is my Beatles favorite. Then using two more songs it produced this piece.
Then I think,  at some point (2:13 in), its creating a live performance from what it had “heard” so far.

What I like about this piece (other than this cute singer) is how the performative side of generative music is being laid out.
To be honest – not a fan of ML generative music, but this is like having a computer on the stage with the musicians – which is an intriguing thought.

In C :

My choice is this :

This is such an interesting composition, and when amazingly orchestrated…


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