LC proposal

For my laser cutter midterm proposal, I decided to create a mini  light installation using a movable slitted-plates on top of each other.

The concept :

First lets look at the two plates :


I really like the patterns that are created by the density and the rotation of the lines. And when put together it’s even more interesting –

Imagine also being able to move the upper plate in 2 axes.

Code – P5 editor

So, my plan is to create an enclosed box, in which I’ll place LED lights (the ones from the ER) in the bottom of the box. Then make the plates – Laser cut slits on black rectangular acrylic, and place them on top of the LEDs. When moving the upper rectangle, the patterns will appear on a wall/screen.

Things to consider :

  • LEDs – seem fit for this plan, but I can’t relay on them for later use.
  • Making the enclosure – could be too much work.
  • How to be able to move on two axes.

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