Haptics final

One day during the week after class, I sat down to work and had a glass of water in front of me. My phone was lying right next to the glass and I had my headphones on. My phone rang but I couldn’t hear it since I had my headphones on. What I did noticed, was the ripples in the water as the vibration from the phone went T-rex-getting-closer on the glass. I then stuck my finger in the water, wondering how it would feel, and it was an interesting sensation. Something made the vibration through the water seem in higher resolution, like sound moves better through water then air.

So, after wiping my fingers and answering the phone – I went to  create a simple mechanism using a Vibration motor to explore vibration patterns in a body of water (a very small one).

Using the motor-driver shield and the “complex” code we used in class – I created a vibration pattern that felt interesting.
I then taped the motor to the bottom of this plastic bowl :


The feeling, as I mentioned, is pretty unique. It feels different then touching the motor. I believe that it’s because of the fact that there’s more surface of the finger that’s “touching” the vibrating source.

At first, I thought that there will be also some interesting ripple-visuals involved, but to my surprise, there’s hardly any ripples.

I was always fascinated with liquid physicality. Until now I had only met it’s visual attributes. After this simple experiment I encountered another great way to harness liquid physicality to create different experiences.


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