a helicopter that needs to put something on a platform. (and there’s a searchlight)

This is a fairly simple game that, as I mentioned in class, is intended to implement and combine a few elements we went through in class. Since the first half of the semester resonated more with my inspiration and curiosity, I wanted to stay in those areas. Do not get me wrong – I am fascinated with ML, and the ideas we talked about in class were super sweet and meaningful. It’s just that I love motion, and physics, and after the Physics Library class I realized that I would like to work on this a bit more.

So for this work, I Frankenstein’s-monstered a few sketches from the assignments into a Flash-game.

The game’s objective – You need to put the cargo on the platform as fast as you can. If the ground forces find you (searchlight) – game over.

During the process, I started with taking my previous Helicopter agent, and using a ToxicLibs environment I added a spring and a bob. Learning to combine these two sketches has been a great lesson in object-oriented coding (which I’m always happy to get better at), and proved to be not that hard. The only problem with making a game in a ToxicLibs environment is that creating collisions is a hassle – in my case, I wanted to add rigid obstacles to the environment and have the helicopter, spring and bob bump into them. I tried to work with the “addConstraint”, and simply couldn’t make it work. So I decided to create this simple Perlin-noise searchlight that’ll work as the adversity in the game.

All and all, I wish I had more time to work on this game and make the environment more organic and functional. Just to mention my original vision to create a neuro-evolution model that will learn to complete the objective on it’s own. Maybe some other time.

Here’s the sketch :


And here’s the code:


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